Friday, November 6, 2009

Told Ya!

Seven months later...

Life is great! School is crazy and working makes it crazier!
Ransom just finished submitting his last law school application this morning! I'm a little nervous to post the official list in case I jinx it, but oh well! Here is goes!
In order from best ranking to worst:

Columbia (NY)
Duke (NC)
U of Texas
Notre Dame (IN)
U of Alabama
U of Arizona
Cardozo (NY)
Pepperdine (CA)
Arizona State
U of Miami (FL)
Seattle U (WA)
Gonzaga (WA)

Thirteen schools in all! Chances are someone will accept us, right? :) We will hear back from Columbia and Texas by Christmas since we did the early decision process. Columbia's early application process is binding so if Rans gets in, we HAVE to go there! Not a bad deal since it's the #4 school in the nation... but I'm a little nervous about that! If not, we probably won't know where we're going till March or April. So, now we wait...

Other that that, October, which happens to be one of my favorite months, has come and gone. I surprised Ransom with tickets to the ESPN College Game Day which came to Provo for the first time ever! It was a horrible game for BYU but at least we were there!
We also followed through with the pumpkin carving tradition! Pretty spontaneous activity, but was very fun! Ransom doesn't like to get his hands sticky/dirty much so I was stuck with all the gunk! Ha!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The one with the random pictures

I feel like in making a blog, I have officially become a wife. I can't say how often I'll be writing on this, but I will try! Ransom and I have been trying to get back in the habit of taking pictures. Why is it that once the honeymoon is over it no longer seems necessary to take them? To combat this, we have decided to always leave the camera on the coffee table and so that whenever we see it we will be reminded to take more pictures of every day life. So far there are about 15 pictures of one of us trying to catch the other off guard. I have Ransom making the bed, doing the dishes, and doing homework. Yep, that's about all he gets to do! ;) I think he has a couple of me doing my make-up and sleeping. Also, very accurate of my average activities. Since we don't have internet access most of the time in our apartment due to our lack of willingness to buy our own router, I have to get online on campus, which is where I am right now. This means no camera, so here are pictures of the wedding, which are conveniently on my facebook. I feel dumb not posting any pictures.... I'll get better at this soon I hope...