Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Then comes baby!

Announcing our latest surprise! We are so excited to finally announce that we're expecting this little peanut in July! We found out about a week before Thanksgiving and were pretty surprised! Because we were in the middle of switching insurances, we were especially trying NOT to get pregnant! Ha, oh well! Turns out we just barely made the effective date of our insurance so we'll be just fine in that area.
I actually took about five pregnancy tests before we found out because they were are turning out negative! Finally, I woke up extra early because I couldn't stay asleep any longer and when I first took the test it was negative. However, something told me I needed to look again... I looked up really close and saw the faintest pink line. I stared at it for a couple minutes thinking my eyes weren't adjusted to the morning light yet. But, there was no denying it! I ran into the bedroom to tell ransom and we were both pretty shocked! I realized that I hadn't been waiting the full three minutes to let the pregnancy test do its thing, which made me curious... and sure enough, after digging into the trash can, there were at least two other positive tests! I felt pretty dumb! But I'm excited! Especially about having a summer baby!