Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 weeks!

The closest picture I can get to a baby-bump! We're at 18 weeks today and are pumped to find out if it's a girl or boy on March 1st!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is the best invention of all time! After wanting to undo my jean buttons every time I sit down for the past week, I finally decided to invest in one of these bad boys! I went into the Motherhood store at the mall last night and asked to try one on and I ended up wearing it out. It's the best!

In other news, Ransom and I are about 80% sure on our chosen law school....

Unless Stanford comes a callin', I think this is where we are going to spend at least the next 3 years of our lives! Ransom was offered a 16,000/yr scholarship which basically means we'll only pay 16,000 a year plus any other grants/scholarships we can find. That's amazing for law school! It's not for sure yet, but I'm excited about it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We're 15 weeks along now and my tummy is finally making its first appearance! (although no one else besides me and Ransom says they can really tell)

Below is me the day I found out I was prego, at 4 1/2 weeks and below that is me today, at 15 1/2 weeks!

As far as law schools go, we ended up adding a couple of schools to the list from the previous post, so here are the most current results (from best ranked to worst):

We have gotten into:
U of Indiana
U of Arizona
Seattle U
U of Miami

Wait listed at:
Notre Dame

Rejected at:
U of Texas

Still waiting for:
U of Alabama
Arizona State

We're pretty excited about our current acceptances list! Turns out Ransom is a high commodity! If we got rejected from all the rest of the schools we're still waiting for, (and we really only care what Harvard, Standford and Duke say since the others are lower ranked than U of Indiana) we'd have to debate between the U of Arizona and the U of Indiana. Indiana is better ranked (#23) but Arizona is closer to where we want to ultimately end up (west coast). I would love to live in Tuscon for 3 years and get rid of winter for a little while! Plus, I hear Arizona is booming with young families. I'm pretty nervous about practically being a single mom for 3 years while ransom is pretty much living on campus. I really need lots of friends and support and since we don't have family in either destination, I'm gonna need to make lots of friends and fast! I've also heard that Bloomington, Indiana is beautiful and that there are some nice sized wards in the area. It's apparently not as cold as Chicago and other surrounding cities, but it still makes me nervous. If any of you have been in the area, I'd LOVE your opinions!

Apparently Harvard and Standford have a reputation for not letting you know of their decision up until the first week of school! Wonderful; can you imagine packing up your barely moved into apartment and switching schools with a 3 week old? I'm sure that won't happen, but until we hear from them one way or the other, it's always an option!