Thursday, April 15, 2010

what a wonderful day!

Today, for the first time since we were married, Ransom and I had a day where we had absolutely no obligations. No work, no school, no homework! Just one full day in Utah where we could do anything we wanted! So what have we done? We woke up early, sold back all of our textbooks (they only took 3 of our 9 but we got $180 for them!) Then we went out to ihop for breakfast! I LOVE going out for breakfast; it's my favorite meal! Next we journeyed to Best Deal Mattress and Furniture store in Springville to look for some new couches. We got our current ones off of craig's list for free when we first got married, and though we are grateful for them, it is definitely time to get rid of the ever slipping couch covers, and have some nice ones! And here they are...

Beautiful, huh? :)

Next we went home and took a nap, and played all the wii sports until the matinee of Sherlock Holmes was on at the dollar theater. When we first got in the theater, we were literally the only one's there. We were giggling about the possibilities until about 5 others joined us :) Next we did a little shopping and came home with a box of Lucky Charms which we of course ate for dinner. We just finished a nice tennis match (Ransom beat me 3-6 with some cheap shots he knew I couldn't get due to my lack of mobility. He'll deny that.) And now we are planning a night of fun with our newest netflix choice, 500 days of summer to finish off the evening. I love this day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I can't believe I'm saying this!

School is almost over. And for me, I mean over over... as in, three more finals (I've already taken 2) and one more paper to edit, and then I graduate! And I'm actually really sad about it! I don't want to be done. I like writing papers and taking tests and having deadlines! For me, school has never been something to get through in order to get a great job, it IS the job I want! (I am SO lame!) But alas, it pays nothing and costs a lot. I am so envious of Ransom right now who is preparing for law school. I would LOVE law school! I keep telling him he needs to come home everyday and teach me everything he learned so I can pretend to be going, but he thinks I'm joking. I'm not.

Yes, I am excited to let go of the stress of school and be a full-time mommy, but it is going to be SO different! I'm the type of person who gets satisfaction out of A's on tests and classes and having professors tell me I did a good job. Rarely will this little kiddo tell me, "You fed me healthy food, played intelligence-building games with me and got me to bed on time, so "A" for the day, mom!" And yet, this is the type of recognition I need. Poor Ransom; he'll have to come home every day and compliment the burnt dinner and "clean" house to keep me satisfied!

Maybe I should make up assignments for myself just so I can accomplish them. Then, let Ransom or the kiddo give me a grade on it! :) Alright, the more I type, the more I just embarrass myself!

Friday, April 2, 2010