Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching up!

Ok, ok, I admit it, I'm slacking! But I am again turning a new leaf and will now become caught up in one post!
I can't believe how big I am. Truly, I had forgotten how big of a change my body has gone through until I looked at this day one pic again this morning!

And now I'm 31 weeks and have a bit of a belly to show for it :)

I feel like there's no possible way I could get bigger... wrong. According to my pregnancy chart, baby is now going through a growth spurt these next few weeks. Really? I feel like going from a 1/1,000,000 of an inch to now 14 approx inches in 71/2 months was quite a feat already. But I suppose he only weighs 3 1/3 lbs and will be gaining another 4-5 lbs in the next 9 weeks... and by he, I mean I. Weigh gain sucks. All my life I have avoided scales and there is nothing I hate more than going to the Doctor every 2 weeks now and being forced upon that merciless machine! Who's to say the weight is not just wearing heavier shoes, or layering my shirts? I guess we all have our tricks to justify our weight, and clothes are mine. The worst was when we moved to WA and I hadn't been to the doctor in 5 weeks instead of 4. I stepped on the scale fearing the worst and to my utter delight, I had only gained 4 pounds! On top of that, I passed my glucose screening test with flying colors! I felt on top of the world. I celebrated with 2 weeks straight of ice cream every day. Went back to the doctor after only 2 weeks on Monday only to find I had gained another 4 pounds! 2lbs/week! I'm so mad at my self. Now I can't get out of the habit and my sister and husband continue to buy me candy and ice cream. Last night we had brownies. I have no self control anyway and it doesn't help when everyone keeps telling you how you have an excuse to eat whatever crap you want. I know it's not true, they know it's not true, and yet, here I am, eating ice cream.

In other news, we are having fun doing absolutely nothing, mooching of the folks, and sleeping in. There are no jobs to be had for an 8 week duration which works out conveniently for our lazy spirits! :) We keep planning fun little day trips to keep ourselves occupied but it keeps raining every day... I really forgot what living in WA was like. It makes me excited for AZ!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I never knew blogging was so dangerous!

As I'm sure is common in many LDS homes, my parents have installed a "safe eyes" internet blocker for websites that have nasty stuff on them. I'm not a hater of this program. However, for the past week, I have been blocked from blogspot by the filter... hmm. I clicked on the "reason for the block" and the dangerous category it falls under is: free website. Really? So, blogging is now a challenge. We're hanging at Ransom's house this week so I've been frantically catching up on everyone's posts and using this opportunity to explain my lack of blogging. It's a shame, I used to be so good!

Anyway, I have no pictures, but soon I'll be posting some more belly shots. 30 weeks yesterday! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

It finally happened!

We did it! :)

The whole graduation week was unbelieveably hectic! We spent the whole Saturday and Sunday before packing and Monday moving all our furniture and belongings into a storage unit (and by we, I mean Ransom). I had scheduled finals on monday and on tuesday (both of which I couldn't have cared less about seeing as I'd pass the classes having only filled out my name on the exam... but no I didn't do that). From Monday on we spent the nights on our surprisingly cozy air mattress and used all paper products. We were also trying to keep the place relatively clean because we were getting calls from our landlord wanting to show our apartment at a 1/2 hr notice. It was crazy. On Wednesday, we headed up to SLC to do some tourist stuff with Ransom's family but the weather was outrageous and we ended up coming home early. Thursday and Friday was the actual graduation ceremonies. There has GOT to be a better way of reading 6000 names! Yes, they did separate us into our separate colleges for that part, but of course Ransom and I are in the 2 largest ones! We eneded up in the marriot center from 12 until 7:30 for the things! Our families are troopers! Finally all the names were called (I was like 8th to last in my 3 hour ceremony so we had to stay till the bitter end) and then we headed out to dinner. mmmm Tacanos! If you live in UT and haven't been there, do it! So much good food; actually, too much good food. I stuffed my self as if I was ending a week fast! I don't think baby boy liked that too much, but he just had to deal... It was too yummy! :)

And then we were off! We woke up at 7 Saturday morning and drove all day until we ended up in Northern Idaho for the night with Ransom's sister's family. Only 5 hours more the next day and now we're home! It's good to be back but it's weird not to have anything to do! We're so used to doing something all the time. It's a nice rest, and it won't last long (baby boy should be coming along here in 12 weeks!)