Monday, September 27, 2010


The Mesa Arizona temple! Isn't is beautiful?

A few weeks ago, Ransom and I drove up to visit with our good friends (Ransom's old roommate and his girlfriend) and while we were there, we decided to visit the Mesa temple. It was really cool to see a new temple (at least new for us)!

In other news, Ransom and I played a word associate game for Family Home Evening last week. Basically you get a list of things like: animal, car, season, place, etc. and you have to say what your spouse would be for that category and why. My personal favorite was Ransom's answer for my season: "football, because I love watching football almost as much as I love watching you." hmmm... I think someone has sports too much on the brain. And we don't even have cable...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been working on my book for 3 weeks now and I am on page... 40! It's slowly coming together, but man it's hard work!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Self Employed

I found the answer to my lack of employment! I'll just employ myself!

When Jonah passed away, I knew there was a reason that he was sent to us first, leaving me without any children in the home and too much time on my hands. He could have just as easily come 2nd or 3rd or whenever and I would have still had kiddos to take care of. But, he didn't and I knew there was a reason why I was given more time for myself.

After lots of prayers trying to figure out what it was that I am supposed to be doing with this time, I am still unemployed and I don't think that is a mistake. So, I'm going to take this along with other promptings I've felt, and write a book for Jonah.

I have had this idea for a couple months but I didn't really think I had anything more to say than has already been written by so many other mothers. But I do. I have a lot of feelings and whether or not I ever pursue its publication or anything, I know that later I'll be so grateful for writing it when my future children can read about their big brother.

I know it would be great to make an income for our family, but if I don't do it now, I'll never do it. And what better time to write than when it's still fresh in my mind?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Blessed!

As most people might imagine, the hospital expenses for having a child with such critical needs adds up realllly fast! In just the two and a half days Jonah spent at Seattle Children's hospital, he acquired a bill of over $68,000! Though we cut it extremely close, we qualified for our new insurance policy by a single day! I can't imagine the stress we would be under right now if we didn't have this policy! All we are responsible for Jonah's bill is his $5,000 deductible. And for my bill, just $2,250 of the $16,000 I acquired. Still a lot of money...

But, being students and making nothing this Summer, we applied for the Seattle Children's financial aid. A few weeks after Jonah passed away, we got a letter in the mail saying that they had accepted our claim and would not hold us responsible for any expenses the insurance company didn't pay. What a blessing!! Unfortunately however, Jonah also acquired a $8000 bill at UW during his hour stay before being transported! I have been on the phone with both hospitals and my insurance company almost daily trying to make sure our deductible is fulfilled at Seattle Children's instead of UW so we don't have to pay that $5000. So far, I think it's working and we might be able to walk away from Jonah's hospital bills without paying a cent of his bill and only having to pay for mine.

Now for the other amazing blessing! Right before we became pregnant, we signed up for 2 Aflac supplemental insurance policies. Basically, you pay into them every month, and then if ever you spend the night in the hospital or have a surgery, they send you a big check. We were really excited about these policies back in October when we signed up for them, but the only contingency is that for a maternity stay, you need to have had the policy for 10 months. We became pregnant about a month too soon to qualify. But, we felt like we should keep the policies just in case our baby had any complications since the plan would pay for any NICU stays, etc. I am so so glad we felt we should keep them. Not only did Aflac pay us a huge sum for Jonah's stay and surgery, they also sent us a large check for MY stay; something they had absolutely no obligation to do! We received $3,700 for me and $4,500 for Jonah. I share the amounts only because I would highly recommend Aflac to anyone who is thinking about becoming pregnant soon!

We could have began law school with debts higher than we could imagine, but instead we have made money that will keep us afloat until I find a job! We are SO blessed!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just One Breath

On Tuesday night I was going through all of the cards we had received when Jonah passed away and found this poem that the receptionist at the funeral home had written for us. I had totally forgotten about it, and when I reread it, I felt Jonah.

Just One Breath

In just one breath I took in the world,
and lived the life I was meant to live.

In just one breath I beheld your love,
and gave to you all that I had to give.

I gave you hope, compassion and more,
I gave you all of me.

But just one breath is all I was granted,
and then I had to leave.

Forget not the joy of creation,
and to each-others hearts do cling.

For just one breath I was granted,
but to me it meant everything.

Though Jonah was granted 2 days of breaths, in the grand scheme of things, his life on earth does seem as short as just one. I love this poem, and I love that little boy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week Four

It's week four in Tucson. I can't believe it. I have really liked it here so far. While it is extremely hot, we have gotten some nice thunder storms and rain. Sometimes I still feel like I'm in Washington. Ransom is still doing really well in school and he loves what he is learning. He's already been thinking a lot about what he wants to do when he graduates. He has some big dreams :) I love how motivated he is. But, I guess only time will tell how many of those big plans are still around when that time comes.

As for me; I am doing well. I've been making friends with Ransom's law school friends and their wives. It is SO nice to have women in my life again! I almost forgot how far Ransom is from being a girl until I was finally around one this weekend! :) We just speak a different emotional language!

It has also been really nice having people over so they can see the pictures of Jonah we have up and ask who he is. I love when he comes up! It is so hard having no one know that I am a mom. When people look at me they assume that I am a happily naive newlywed. No one thinks to ask if I have children because they assume that if I did, they would be with me. So unless a person comes to my home, they never really get to know who I am; and that hurts.

But life goes on and people have come over. I just can't wait until more people know than don't.

My job search is still continuing. I have applied for 4 more jobs at U of A and sent my resume to the Boys and Girls Club and the Jewish community center :) We'll see about those soon I hope...