Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a Giggle

I've been missing Jonah a lot recently. Well, I always miss him a lot. But lately I've found that I've been missing him for different reasons. I've entered a new phase I think. Before when I missed him, I longed to hold little newborn Jonah and cuddle with him. Then, out of nowhere the other day, I found myself missing 8 month old Jonah. I was desperately wanting to hear the giggle I know he would have by now. Just a sweet baby smile and laugh coming from an older Jonah. This is very different for me. And I'm realizing that as the months and years continue on I'll probably make mental adjustments of what I miss about him. First day of school, baptisim, prom, his mission, getting married... Geeze, that just seems so overwhelming!

I wish so much I had my little man here with me so I could watch all those things happen, but I know that with patience I will get to share in those experiences. And although I don't get to hear his giggle right now, I am lucky enough to hear this anytime I want:

Make sure to turn up your volume:)

You've gotta love those sweet newborn sounds!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Man's Bag

Remember when we learned that the world was not ready for the man's bag?

I don't think this guy got the memo.

:) Happy Friday!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Petition for a longer Spring Break

Have I mentioned that Ransom is the best?

This week was his Spring Break and instead of sleeping till I get home from work everyday, each afternoon I have come home to a scene that tickles me to the core!

Wednesday: Spanking clean bathroom! (although this picture makes it look kinda dirty...)

Thursday: Mopped floors!

Today: Vacuumed carpets!

Oh how I love a husband who cleans without me nagging!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Week

Okay, I know what you're thinking... but I have an excuse, I swear! My mama came to visit for the whole week last week and we were literally so busy shopping, exploring, working, hiking, etc that blogging just wasn't an option. So please excuse.

So I only took pictures of two day's worth of activities but don't be fooled, there was much more action!

1.) Hiking Pima Canyon

Mike drove down from Mesa for the day and we had lots of fun on this short hike.

My sweet professional shot ;)

We had big plans for hiking to a dam, but when we stopped to rest beside a little pond, Ransom accidentally dropped my water bottle into it and the pond water mixed in with our drinking water! If it weren't 85 degrees out we would've kept going, but it just didn't seem smart :)

2.) Horseback riding.

I haven't been in years and I LOVED it! The horse I was assigned to was actually a pony and just the sweetest pony ever! I loved her! My mama got a nice experienced horse that was very sweet as well. But Ransom got... a mule. And not just any mule, one that lives up to his stereotype to the T. This mule was SOO stubborn. Even when Ransom would tilt his head all the way to the left, she just continued straight when the wanted, and turned when she wanted. It was pretty funny to see Ransom try so hard and have absolutely no affect on the animal! :)

Thanks for coming and getting us out of our apartment, Mama.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Am I the only one who sees this advertising and thinks that this company exterminates wildcats?

Blond moment, perhaps? :)