Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Knew?

While hanging at Ransom's parent's house last week someone mentioned river dancing and without saying anything, Ransom sister starts performing...

Love you, Susie!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving Day

So, we're moving to a new place. And by we, I mean I because Ransom is conveniently in WA during this entire process ;). Oh man, I totally forgot how much work goes into a move! And how much money! Holy cow, the money! Security deposits, set up fees, uhuals... BUT, we will finally be out of this place in which we BURN in the winter (they "forgot" to tell us when we moved in that they turn off the ac from oct-march). Sure I'll miss the pretty kitchen and the ample storage, but I am pumped to cut our rent down $160 a month and to have a washer and dryer in house again. So bring on the packing, bring on the sweat, cause we're OUTTA HERE!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Alive!

Seriously Brooke, it's been like a month. I keep thinking to myself, well none of my pictures are uploaded, so what's there to blog about. But here I am, four weeks later with not a single new picture taken and surprisingly quite a bit of remorse about that. Probably mostly because I'm sitting here in the Las Vegas airport on my layover between Seattle and Tucson and don't have a single photo to account for my ten day trip of bliss!

First of all, can I just say that if you're thinking of living states away from your spouse for an entire season, think twice. It is not fun. But, it does make the reunions that much sweeter. Unfortunately, I'm on my way back for round two of three. Thank goodness for my full time job that keeps me busy. Otherwise, this little situation we find ourselves in would be beyond insane.

I had a fabulous time kicking it with our families and just living. I love Washington. I love that it can be cold and rainy one day and warm and sunny the next. And because it's usually wet/cold, when the sun actually does come out, you drop any inside plans and get out and enjoy it. We don't do that in Tucson. We know that if we can't get outside one day, no bd, it'll be sunny again the next. Although I don't mean to suggest that it would even be possible to enjoy being outside when it's 105 degrees. :)

We went to the zoo, the beach, downtown Tacoma, shopping and of course, the cemetery. Can I just say how much I LOVE being able to walk to the cemetery anytime I want?

Anyways, wonderful trip, and I'm sad to go. But here's to real life, right!? :)