Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July!

Only took like 6 months... but they're FINISHED!

This is the original my grandma made for me when I was born:


And introducing my latest project, Ransom's:

BIG thanks to Mom Young for helping me (and by helping, I mean letting me watch as she worked) back and sew them! SO excited for Christmas so I can hang these up!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

He Is Risen

A week ago today was the first anniversary of Jonah's passing. I haven't written about it yet because I was too shocked by my own reaction to it.

I didn't cry. Not once.

Is that weird? I bawled like a baby every time I tried to open my mouth on his birthday. It was the first time during this whole process that I really didn't even want to get out of bed. Thank goodness for the birthday party that forced me to.

But on the anniversary of his passing I didn't feel much. Maybe I was too exhausted from the birthday tears. But more likely than that, I think it was because I know he lives. Not here, of course. But in heaven. I know our separation is not permeant. I know I will have him in my arms again. I know that so much.

And so I think it's okay that I didn't cry. Because my tears are really just my reaction to missing him. I missed him more than ever on his birthday because, as described in my previous post, I had so many expectations for his birthday. It was supposed to be a certain way and it wasn't. But on his passing anniversary, I couldn't help but feel happy; because I am so happy for him.

Today I opened up my sunday school manual to prepare for the lesson I teach the teenagers in my ward (I know, I'm so bad; I wait till the day of to open it!) and the lesson was titled, "He is Not Here, for He is Risen". I'm so grateful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So grateful that I know about it and have the faith to trust it's implications in my own life. So grateful for a beautiful son and to know that he is taken care of. So grateful for such supportive friends and family this year. So grateful for the lessons I've been forced to learn. Just so grateful.

July 15, 2010
Isn't he so angelic in this picture?

This angel really shows how little that sweet casket was

Friday, July 8, 2011

Page One of my (unedited) Book (Happy Birthday, Jonah!)

Dear Jonah,

Today is July eighth, two thousand and eleven. Exactly one year ago today, at 9:03 am, you were born. Happy first birthday, Sweet Boy! As soon as I became pregnant with you I began imagining how this day would go. When you woke up I would make you your favorite breakfast, which at this point would probably be rice cereal and bananas, get you dressed in a little t-shirt that said, “My First Birthday!” and take you to the park. Of course your Daddy would take the day off so we could both push you on the swings and slide you down the slides. You would laugh with every tickle and maybe even cry once or twice when your newly walking feet stumbled on the gravel.

Soon it would be time for the party. After some good food and probably a few games, all of your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents would gather around your highchair. I would strip you down to your diaper because, well, I knew how messy things were about to get and your daddy would dim the lights. We would make you your own little cake, probably decorated with a choo-choo train and a single lit-up candle, and bring it to you while you anxiously waited in your highchair. After singing the Happy Birthday song, we would help you blow out your candle and let you devour that cake while we laughed and took millions of pictures!

While I would love more than anything to have this perfect first birthday with you, you and I are going to have to improvise, aren’t we? When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things was listening to my mom tell me stories; especially ones that were about me! So instead of the birthday I used to dream for you, I think I will take this day to tell you a story. The story of how you have changed my life ever since the moment you entered it.

Happy Birthday Sweet Jonah!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fouth of July

With the move out of the way, I am finally back in WA and just soaking up the glory of that fact! But the best news is... I'm only 1/2 way through my vaca and have already taken like 20 pictures! I'm so proud!

We started off the 4th on the beach...

Because, well, Mt Rainer was "out".

Favorite activities included throwing rocks...

And digging up big rocks in search of crabs.

The naive ones even held the crabs.

Afterwards we went to my brother's and were entertained by watching the kidos slip and slide

And then we wrapped it up by watching fireworks on the roof! Perfect day!