Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Latest Obsession

I would pick up a new addictive hobby right as I'm trying to transition into a new job...

I. LOVE. COUPONING! I've been wanting to get into it for the past year or so but I just felt WAY to overwhelmed by the mass of information on the internet about how to do it. I'm not one who likes internet research. Give me a book that outlines (in simple steps) how to do something (accompanied by a glossary in the back) and I'm hooked!

It all started when Ransom came home from church a few weeks ago and said: "I really feel like we need to get our food storage together." Well duh, that's always been a goal (just one we've never worked on). But when he said that I knew he was right and I hopped online to do a little research. And again, bombarded with information about food storage; what to buy, how to store it, shelf lives, etc. When I looked at the amount of money it would cost to make a dent in our food storage I began freaking out.

But then I remembered seeing shows where people had practically their own grocery store in their garage at a fraction of the cost thanks to couponing. Well, we don't have a garage, but we do have closets and cupboards. And really, it's more important to have what you need during a crisis than to have a neatly organized storage room.

I knew I needed to find an easy book to explain all the ins and outs of couponing and I finally found it!!

Dun, dun, dun, daaaaa:

I read it in like 3 hours and while there is DEFINITELY a learning curve to couponing, I am so very excited to announce my first weekend of goods:

8 cans of black beans at $.47 each (not the best deal ever, but still great considering I'm used to paying $1.19)
1 Schick Hydro 5 blade razor for $.97 (was $5.47)
6 packages of smoked sausages (4 to a pack) for $.97/each. (Normally $2.97)

And, my personal favorite:
3 boxes of panty liners for SALES TAX only! (Seriously)

Yes, I should have taken a picture of my loot, but I was too excited to put them away in my needy cupboards! :)

Should I quit my new job and become a full-time couponer? Probably not, but a girl can dream :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movin' on Up!

I didn't want to say anything before it was official, but I got the call on friday and am so excited to announce that I am now working for the University of Arizona as a program coordinator for the fellowship program at the University Medical Center!

People do you know what this means!? ALMOST FREE TUITION! (except for the ridiculous taxes) And it happened with perfect timing to because I will be starting 2 days before the deadline for tuition reduction for this semester!

Seriously an answer to so many prayers!

I am so excited for this new job! Finally a position that will utilize my degree and interests. It was definitely hard to say goodbye to the dental lab that has been so good to me, but I really felt like it was time to part ways.

And so my desk is cleared and I am ready for my new adventure! eek! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monsoon at its finest!

You would NOT BELIEVE the rain we got here last night! We practically swam home from our law society get together due to the lack of drainage in the streets. It was such a dangerous time to be driving but the whole way back all I was thinking about was our poor tomatoes. And when we finally got home I found them sitting in this:

(Of course I rescued them before the camera came out)

After the brave rescue I got to play in my only-comes-out-once-a-year-now rain boots!

(Noticing the hair? That's right! See post below...)

6 Inches!

It's gone... 6 inches.... OF MY HAIR are gone!

I really can't get over how brave I was! :) My good friend Tiffany made the cut and I'm so grateful her hands were steady during it because mine certainly were not!

I'm still playing with it and learning how to style it but I really like it! And surprisingly Ransom "I only like long hair" Young likes it too!

So here's to bravery at it's vainest! ;)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did you get your tickets? (to the gun show!)

That's right. Me... with a gun...

Dad, are you proud or just scared?

Last Saturday these guys:

Took me shooting in hopes that I would give this guy:

my blessing to buy his own gun.

It was fun, it really was. But I'm still not thrilled about the whole thing for 2 main reasons:

1. It is a really expensive hobby.
2. I don't love the thought of having kids and guns in the same home.

So we'll see where guns end up fitting in our home in the future. For now, it's just nice to have generous friends with them :)

Your thoughts?