Monday, January 9, 2012

18 Months

Eighteen months ago yesterday my Jonah was born. It was an interesting day as I sat in church realizing that today would be his first day going to nursery. Is he really supposed to be that old? Has it really been that long? I'd been kind of anxious about how this landmark would affect me. But to be honest, I was really fine. In fact, beside my normal amount of missing him, I actually felt grateful that I wasn't dropping him off for nursery. I hear so many mothers complain that their babies have grown up too fast so instead of being sad about what yesterday was supposed to entail, I felt grateful that I'll always have one more newborn to look forward to. My light at the end of the tunnel (literally)! Patience has never been my strong suit, but I'll hold on for that moment :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're Back!

As of about 20 minutes ago, we are all officially back from our wonderful vacation to WA. I feel like every time I go it gets harder and harder to leave. This time saying goodbye was ridiculous. I just love being so close to our families! And I love being so close to the cemetery. Only 183 days till our next trip...

BUT, on a pleasant note, this Christmas break marked Ransom's HALF WAY DONE MARK!!!! That's right, 3 semesters down, 3 to go!! I realize those of you reading this are probably thinking, "wow, that went by so fast!" Well take that back! It has NOT been fast! At least not for the parties involved :) We are very excited that he is half way done and even more excited that during the break Ransom was able to go to 3 interviews! I'm positive he'll land an internship for the summer at at least one of them. But that only means, you guessed it, another summer apart. Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? We HATE being apart. Hate hate hate it. But we just have to keep reminding ourselves that our temporary (if you can call 3 months apart temporary) suffering is a worthwhile sacrifice for the end goal of being offered a job in WA upon graduation.

As for now, we're having fun being all together again. Penelope had a nice little vacation at my generous co-worker's house over break and boy was she spoiled! Lots of attention and treats. I've been home with her for the past two days and all she wants to do is play! However, I have noticed that when she finally does veg out, her activities remind me a lot of someone else I know...