Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family of Four

It's been a long time coming! I vividly remember sitting in my OB's office 19 months ago as she explained that because I had Jonah via c-section, we shouldn't try to get pregnant for another 12-18 months. It was not so much that we were expecting to have another right away, but the knowledge that I "wasn't allowed to" which made my already empty arms so much heavier. But, as so many of us are forced to do in situations we know we cannot control, I reluctantly learned to make my new life work for me. I learned to channel my baby hunger into loving the sweet babies of friends and family around me. I learned to express my feelings through writing a book (no where near completed). I learned to trust that I can control my thoughts and tears and got a full-time job. Throughout these 19 months without Jonah by my side, I have really learned a lot. But I am SOOOO-OOOO ready for baby #2!

Which is why the moment this little bean entered our life, I have been all smiles! (except when I'm throwing up, of course)

Announcing, Jonah's little brother/sister due to arrive 9/20/2012!

I'm in week 10 and am feeling pretty great considering. I realize it's a little untraditional to make the reveal at such an early stage, but Ransom I am decided that because pregnancies don't last forever we want to enjoy every moment of it while we can!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yes, it's been a month. No, I'm not going to make any such promise that I will be better at updating. No one likes to read lies. And I don't particularly enjoy writing them.

But what I can promise is a post filled with the randomness that has consumed this month.

Penelope graduated from Petsmart puppy school. To prove that the $120 was worth it, we decided to document her new tricks. This video just proves that although our dog is cute, she's no fool.

It's hard to get too mad at her though. With this look whenever it rains, she wouldn't last a day in the streets... poor dog.

We celebrated Ransom's 28th birthday a few weeks ago. For those of you who remember Ransom's qualifications for a good birthday, Janurary 26th is never boring. He requested bbq pulled-pork sandwiches, potato chips, and apple pie cake. Sound familiar? Yes, that is the EXACT meal he requested last year. At least he's consistent.

I was able to surprise him with what I think is the perfect gift. His very own...

Man's Cave! Actually, I didn't build him another bedroom. But I did clear some of my stuff to make room for the sweet new weight bench system!

This was not an attempt to tell him he needs to exercise more... Ransom is one of those few intrinsically motivated people who actually enjoy strenuous exercise at 5:30 am. And since he's gotten this, I've been enjoying the less frequent attempts to get my hiney out the door to exercise with him. Win-win :)

Well I think that about wraps up what I have in pictures for January. See you in 4-6 weeks.