Friday, April 20, 2012

All Boy!

Are you shocked? I am! Absolutely shocked! I was CONVINCED this little one was a girl! But I am very happy to be wrong!

This little guy is so handsome-- I can' stop looking at his pictures! I noticed right away that he has the same nose/lip/profile pattern as Jonah and Ransom (that same pattern was one of the first things about Ransom I fell in love with). I'm completely smitten! :)

Thumb sucker, perhaps?

And here he is in all his glory! I asked the ultrasound tech to not announce the gender until I took a look and could guess, but she didn't even get to the close up shot before it was quite obvious! This kid is NOT modest!

I've been in shock all day and can barely believe that this is real. To be honest, him being a "him" does make a second child a little bit harder emotionally. I'm so used to telling people about "my son". Now I'll have to say, "sons". That probably doesn't mean much to any of you, but for me, I've been so used to using that term exclusively with Jonah. It almost feels like I'm cheating on him fantasizing about holding another son. To add, I now realize that I will need to confront my apprehension on deciding which clothes, etc of Jonah's are okay to pass down a lot sooner than I anticipated. I was expecting to have a few more years to face that. But these fears and apprehensions are to be expected and in no way negate from the fact that I am SOOOO happy and grateful to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy on his way!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Advice Time, Vets!

I always try to avoid posting anything on my blog/fb on April 1, but since it's been so long since I posted, I figured I needed to stop looking for excuses and just write!

A few topics up for discussion today:

1. If you have had a baby before, were you convinced you knew the gender before the big ultrasound?

Ever since the ultrasound pictured below ("the bean" as I like to call it) I have been positively convinced that a little girl is headed our way. Not that the shape of the bean has any indication that is a human, let alone a female, but it was just the feeling I got when I saw her it. I had the same feeling about Jonah being a boy when I had my first ultrasound with him at 11 weeks. Am I alone in this? Seems like 99% of the women due this summer are having boys, so I find myself questioning my intuition all the time. But we'll see. The ultrasound is scheduled for April 20th and that date cannot come soon enough!

2. I am going through a midwife this time around.

I think my family thinks I'm crazy. I think my husband thinks I'm crazy. I might even think I'm a bit crazy. Here's my rational: I am hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) delivery. After doing my fair share of research, I had found proof piled upon proof that VBACs are not nearly as dangerous as they are presented by most OBs; especially when compared to multiple repeat c-sections. Since I am planning to have more babies beside this one and Jonah, the research really shows that vbacs are the best way to go. However, since there are certainly high risks for having a vbac, I will be delivering in a traditional hospital (even if I were eligible for a home delivery or birth center, I would choose the hospital; personal preference). The plan is for an unmedicated birth. This decision is composed of 2 parts me wanting the WHOLE birth experience and 8 parts me knowing that being able to move during labor is my best chance at having a successful VBAC. Since midwives are well known for using different birthing positions to aid the baby on its journey out, I came to the conclusion that a midwife is for me.

The clinic I go to has 7 midwives who rotate being on call. Whoever is on call when you go into labor will deliver your baby. In order to be comfortable with that situation, every time you go in for an appointment you see a new midwife until you've seen them all. Interesting, I know. That's definitely not my favorite, but it works. Obviously there are some midwives that jive with you better than others. But it is what it is and I am pleased so far.

Any readers go with a midwife and/or have an unmedicated birth? Tell me about it please! :)

3. Really considering cloth diapers

I know, right; I'm so granola all the sudden ;) Point is, I have a few friends who cloth diaper and after seeing how far cloth diapers have come, I can't help but want in! It truly is amazing how much money you can save without sacrificing too much convenience. My only hesitation with committing to cloth is that more than likely I will have to return to work after my 12 week maternity leave until Ransom graduates the next May. It seriously crushes my heart thinking about that, but likely going to be my fate. Anyway, I don't know what our source of childcare would be in that situation and I would never make a babysitter take on cloth diapering. So I don't know. The start-up cost for cloth diapering is expensive and I don't want to spend all that money if I am not sure.

Again, I beg for cloth users. Anyone out there? Or any working moms try it? I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on any of these matters.

Well enough with the questions, the real exciting news is that I felt the baby kick for the first time today! (May have yesterday too- but not positive) What a miracle that sensation is! It makes it all real. I am loving that with each stage or progression in pregnancy I attain, I am ever closer to meeting this little one. Girl or boy, 100% healthy or even more special- I don't care. I am just so excited!