Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Today has been wonderful. Especially compared to last year. I was expecting it to be a little easier what with the little one on the way and the passage of the initial sting of last year. But I was still expecting a lot of rough patches as Ransom is gone and I am here all by my lonesome. But thankfully this was not the case. I have a husband who did not forget that today would come without him and the day before he left, treated me to four of my favorite things: Flowers, chocolate, a hand-written card...
and(my favorite) a clean house!
I forgot to take pictures of the bathroom and poop-less backyard. There is nothing that speaks to me more than someone cleaning my house for me! Especially the chores I hate the most (dishes and cleaning the fridge... I'm so glad Rans didn't take a before shot of the fridge because it might have gotten me reported to CPS). All I asked for Mothers' Day was that Ransom help me set up the bean's crib before he left. I knew I would start getting the nesting urge soon and there was NO way I would have figured that thing out myself. We bought it in Provo in anticipation of Jonah but never got the chance to set it up because we were waiting until we moved to AZ. That was one of the most difficult pieces of furniture to unpack upon our arrival. And it certainly wasn't easy setting it up for the first time either. But I feel like Jonah is always with us during what should be extremely difficult situations and somehow makes them not so difficult. We enjoyed setting up his crib for his little brother and enjoyed even more getting out the bedding that was to be Jonah's. It felt quite theraputic to finally set up a nursery in our home. I know Jonah will visit it too. The nursery is not complete (the blank walls are killing me) but I have some decorations in mind that will be going up soon. It's a nautical theme and I am full of ideas. Thankfully, my gracious mother-in-law is making some yellow covers for the rocking-chair cushions because we all know I have no idea how!
I am so grateful Ransom made me feel so special for Mothers' Day, even if he couldn't be here himself. He was even able to send me pictures of the cemetery today where he is visiting the sweet boy who made me a mother. The rhododendron bush is in full bloom and absolutely breathtaking. I only wish I could see it for myself.
I am also so grateful for the bean today, who makes me smile with his ever frequent and strong kicks.
21 weeks and counting
And then, to keep me company, I also have my puppy and her friend Molly, who I am very happy to have following me around everywhere I go. Truly, I am not alone!
Happy Mothers' Day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Fair!

Ransom and I went out last weekend for our last date before his departure to WA for the summer (he left this morning... arg!) It was a blast! Background- We grew up about a 40 minute drive from each other but didn't meet until we went off to Provo for school. In between the houses we grew up in is the Puyallup fair. Seriously so many good memories of Septembers spent at the fair. Ransom's family loved it too... which makes me wonder- had we met before? Anyway, even though we both loved the fair, we've never been in WA in September since our senior years of high school. We will absolutely "Do the Puyallup" again at some point, but until then, the Pima County Fair will have to do! It's a small fair as far as rides and attractions goes, but since we couldn't do the rides anyway, we spent a significant portion of our time walking the food stands until decisions had to be made. It was tough. But it was time well spent! I ended up with an Indian fry bread taco (Navajo taco) and Rans ended up with a beef brisket sandwich meal from one of those slowing cooking bbq places that sells ginormous turkey legs. We were very satisfied with our choices!
After the food, we walked through the exhibition halls and got haggled into listening to SO many sales pitches. What is it about us? It's like we were wearing t-shirts saying "Try me, I'll listen to you". Luckily we escaped without any damage to our wallets. Then we went to the livestock exhibit. I LOVE farm animals! Seriously, cannot get enough. I thought I was going to die when I was able to love on three little black and pink piglets who would nuzzle up to me and suck my thumbs (for future reference, those things suck WAY harder than human babies!). It was so much fun! I tried to convince Rans to buy me a piglet, and to my surprise he was all for it. However, he seemed to miss the part where this piglet would play in our house, would not grow up into a full-size pig, and never be turned into bacon. I lost him after that. By nine everything was SO crowded that we did the grandma and grandpa thing to do, and left. But not before I purchased a bag of kettle corn! YUM!