Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wonderful Ultrasound!

We had a wonderful ultrasound appointment last week. The Bean was so active- hiccuping, practice breathing, kicking- it was so fun to actually see the movements I have been feeling for so long!

The best part was seeing The Bean's brain. We could see all of the appropriate brain matter, the separated hemispheres, and the correct amount of fluid. Hearing the ultrasound tech say over and over how "beautiful" his brain and everything else looked made me choke up. It makes it all the more real that this little one will be coming home with us in a very short amount of time! I really just cannot express the relief it brought.

Once she had done all of the measurements and recorded her notes, she showed us how he is measuring much bigger than our original 9/20 due date. According to his size, he was measuring at a due date of 9/7! I was pretty shocked. At our 6 week ultrasound, he measured at 9/20, at the 19 week ultrasound he measured at 9/14, and then at this 33 week scan, he was measuring at 9/7. We had a consult with an OB immediately after the scan who decided that we would officially change the due date to the 14th as an average of the 3 scans. In her words, "if we kept you with a due date of 9/20 and then let you try to go into spontaneous labor for a week after that, you would be attempting to deliver a sumo wrestler!" And since I am really trying for a vbac, we decided to go ahead and move the due date. Which means the Bean and I have until the 21st to go into labor before we are consigned to the knife.... I think he'll come well before then anyway so I'm not too worried.

I think the best part of walking away from an ultrasound appointment are the picture souvenirs. But when I was handed my two photos, I had to do a double-take. Is it just me, or do my little ones resemble one another quite a bit!?

Jonah's Profile at 36 weeks The Bean's Profile at 33 weeks

Jonah's Face at 36 weeks The Bean's Face at 33 weeks

Obviously Jonah's head (especialy his forehead in the profile shot) is a lot bigger due to the fluid, but I still think they look a lot alike! I LOVE thinking that The Bean will resemble his big brother. But even if he is only half as handsome as this little guy...

.... we'll still have to find a way to keep him hidden from all the ladies!

Oh and PS, I am HUGE... this is only like 32 weeks!