Thursday, December 6, 2012

May I be Excused?

How sad is it that I didn't even realize it had been like 6 weeks since my last post? Busy, much?

Highlights since my last post:

  • The Youngs (Mom, Dad and Susie) came to visit for a week to meet Ben
  • We traveled to WA for almost 2 weeks to let Ben visit the rest of our families who live there
  • Ben was blessed by Ransom with both Grandpas, Uncle Josh, and friends Mike Colby and David Lassen 
  • Ben started sleeping through the night! (but now is not so consistent in that department... I can always count on at least 5 hours between his 10pm feeding and the next but I've gotten as much as 9 out of him!)
  • 2 month appointment proved the Ben is a mammoth baby! (99th percentile for height and head and 94th percentile for weight)
And now for the picture dump!
4 weeks old and ready for our first morning walk

5 Weeks

The first smile captured (almost) on camera

Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween :)

Ben's best bud, Brooks

They play really well together (especially considering neither realizes the other exists!)

Brooks is a chunk, too!

7 Weeks

8 weeks and sporting his flannel in WA

Aviator Jacket :)

Thanksgiving watching football with Ranse

Aunt Susie 


First visit to the  cemetery
I am just loving Ben! He is a really easy and soft-tempered baby. His smiles seriously melt your heart! For whatever reason, he LOVES diaper changes. Whenever I change him he smiles and coos the whole time. (Maybe this is a survival mechanism for the 4am diaper changes?) 

It has been so wonderful to have a little one in the home. He has totally taken over and that is fine by us! 

A big relief has been that Ben has in no way replaced Jonah. Beside his presence taking more of my time to contemplate Jonah, I don't mentally mix them up or combine them like I worried I might. Ben is very different from Jonah. Their personalities and spirits are completely unique which makes it so much easier for me to see them as separate people.  Another relief has been my ability to dress Ben in all of Jonah's clothes without feeling resentment or even sadness.  Somehow I just know that Jonah loves that I dress Ben in the clothes meant for him. They have finally become just clothes instead of a symbol for an empty nursery.


  1. I am just in love with him!! What a beautiful and sweet boy! I'm so sad we couldn't be at the blessing to meet him (and see you!) but I know there will be other chances! You guys won't be up here for Christmas too will you? I loved your last paragraph about Jonah, that was beautiful! And I'm so happy the clothes have become just clothes, and you can feel that Jonah loves you dressing Ben in them. THat was so sweet!

  2. what a sweet baby! I love your pics, brooke!

  3. How glad I am for all four of you! Our hearts are amazing; they just expand and add new, sweet people to love. We celebrate a family of 26 this year. I cannot imagine a universe lacking even one of my sweet children and grands - or my precious husband!
    I miss you all so much!
    Love you!