Sunday, January 20, 2013

Calming Down

Phew! Life is finally starting to settle down. On Dec 13th, I returned to work full-time while Ransom, who was conveniently on winter break, stayed home with Benjamin. For the few weeks leading up to this day, I had been getting increasingly anxious. Not so much about the 4 weeks where Ransom could stay at home with Ben, but for the time after that where we would have to leave him with friends. Even though I trust my friends to take care of him, I just couldn't shake the anxiety that a non-parent would be spending more awake time with our son than we would. Finally, I sat Ranse down and told him what I was feeling. Of course he had been feeling the same way. But we felt like this was our only option since money is kind of important. Yes, there are always student loans, but we had been hoping to escape those this year. After lots of discussion and advice gathering, it came down to these points:

We were finally able to feel a HUGE sense of relief after thinking and praying about these points and we knew my time was better spent at home. Hallelujah!

My supervisor and co-workers were very supportive of my decision which made it so much easier. On Jan 11th I had my last day and I seriously haven't looked back! Being at home with Ben is the best! I can't say the house is much cleaner or that the meals have gotten any better, but I am definitely happier!

Ransom has been a lot happier too now that his last semester has begun and he can get out of the house again :)

And our little man is happy, too. (Although, he's always happy...)

(I don't mean to make anyone feel guilty with this post. Our decision was made according to the needs of our family- we know other people have to do things differently!)