Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Kidding!

Not that I ever officially posted about this before, but the better half of you were probably told that upon graduation we were moving back to Utah for Ransom to join a financial advisement/estate planning firm. We have wonderful friends we met in Tucson who offered Ransom a position at this firm and we were totally set to take it. As in, Ransom hadn't sent a single resume or even looked elsewhere. It seemed like exactly what Ranse had always said he wanted to do. So he studied for months to take the Series 65 (financial advisor test) and passed back in February. We signed up for him to take the Utah Bar and were looking for places for rent in Provo/Orem. But then of course, God laughed at us for trying to make our own plan (when will we ever learn to stop making plans!?) and after LOTS of prayer, rationalization, going back-and-forth and more prayer, we realized we were not supposed to move to Utah after all.

We have no idea why, but we know we are supposed to head back to Washington. There is no job awaiting us. There is no apartment awaiting us. This is quite literally an act of blind faith! But we feel good about our decision and are excited for this adventure! The Washington Bar isn't until the end of July and the results of the Bar don't come out until mid October so we have until then before Ransom can practice law anyway. So he'll take that time to send out his resume and see what he can find. It's definitely scary, but we know it'll work out. :) dump:
This kid has gotten SO mobile. Still just scooting, but somehow can get almost anywhere
Yes, huge baby! It's honestly getting hard to lift him!

Still loves to sit in the bumbo
OK, I thought he would love this! He just stared blankly at the laundry...
Love these moments!