Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back in Action

No more excuses. Time for an update.

We moved to Washington. It was such a weird experience to say goodbye to the student life and all that comes with it: friends in the same life situation as us, scheduled vacations, the ward we came to love, and believe it or not, the area we came to love like a lot. It still feels like we are just on summer break. But alas, we have to accept the fact that we are now officially grown-ups! (Although living at my parent's house doesn't exactly help with that!)

As for a little review of our life over the past 4 months:

I am SO proud of Handsome Ransom for graduating from law school. He studied so much and yet somehow made time for me whenever I asked him to help me with anything. He made law school seem easy, but let's face it, if tables were turned I would have had complete meltdowns with the burdens of tests and homework not to mention family responsibilities. He is a beast! Way to go, Ransom!!

Ransom's last day of class (I absolutely love that he allows for these pictures!)
And for a throwback, here is Ransom's 1st day of law school... you'd never know it'd been 3 years!

Graduation day!

Pretty sure this is the only family pic we got

For graduation day, my brother's family drove down from Gilbert to celebrate with us. We got a sitter because graduation was way later than Ben's bedtime (how lame!) The ceremony was honestly pretty pitiful! The "inspirational speaker" gave us an autobiography while describing how awesome her family is; never really motivating the graduates into thinking they could ever be that awesome. And then it just kind of went downhill from there... BUT the important part is that Ransom's name was called as a graduate and he walked across the stage (although refusing to wear his cap because "it's stupid and didn't fit") while we cheered!

Despite the ceremony itself being pretty lame, it was surprisingly very emotional for me. I kept thinking back to our graduation from BYU. I was 7 months pregnant with Jonah and I remember talking to my Mom about how 3 years from then, Ransom would be graduating from law school and Jonah would be 3! So as I sat there, at the long-anticipated graduation, a wave of new grief hit me. Jonah should be here. Ben should be here. We should be taking pictures as a family of 4. I felt bitter and sorry for us. And to be completely truthful, that never really went away. But, thankfully, as I thought about our journey through law school and the point we are at now, I was able to feel Jonah so close. Not only had he been there through the especially rough days at the beginning, I knew he was there at the graduation. I could feel how proud he was of us for making it. And like I have so many times before, I felt like the child as my baby taught me.


The next week, Ransom began studying for the Bar Exam. But before he could engross himself too deeply into it, we got our bags packed and headed for a 3 day road trip to Las Vegas with our really good friends, Janie and Andrew. I had never been to Vegas so my eyes were definitely opened to "the world" YIKES! But we had fun walking around the strip and seeing all the sites. Since we stayed in the Stratosphere, we got to go up to the viewing deck as much as we wanted which was such a fun perk! But the best part, by far, was going to the shows. We saw an afternoon comedy magic show (Mac King) which was pretty funny and quite amazing. I got Ransom and I on stage by raising my hand when he asked for newlyweds (hey! we still feel like newlyweds) but the best was going to the Cirque de Soleil show, Mystere. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! SO expensive, which goes against every fiber of my being, but honestly worth it!

This trip was made possible by our wonderful friends Emily and Adam and my Bro and SIL for watching Ben for us. This was the first time I had left him with anyone so I was pretty worried about being able to have fun but because I know and trust them so much, I was able to relax and enjoy the time away. Thank you, thank you!!!

Soon after our trip I had to get serious about packing. Ugh, packing. Usually I actually enjoy packing because I love going through our stuff and throwing stuff out, but it's a different story when you add a mobile baby to the equation. I had to pack during nap and bed time which was not fun. But it got done by moving day and despite my best efforts to stick my heels in the mud, we left the beautiful house we had called home for the last 8 months. Saying goodbye to some of the best friends I think I'll ever come by was so hard. I know I'll never live to close to so many great friends again. We had so much fun the past 3 years and especially over the last 8 months as I was able to stay at home with Ben. But such is life, right? Ransom and his dad drove our big moving truck with the car in tow while Ben and I flew in comfort. Over the next few days we unpacked into my parents house and got settled.

As much as I miss so many good friends in AZ, it is really nice to be so close to so much family. We love being able to visit Ransom's family all the time and having my sister and nephew only a few minutes away. And of course, having the cemetery within walking distance is invaluable!

Ransom got right back on track with his Bar studies while I got to have fun with family. And let me just tell you, thank goodness for family! The bar study program is a BEAST! Ransom was waking up at 5am every morning and would study until at least 7 at night, taking only a few eating breaks. And even at night, he would try to memorize stuff while watching TV with me. The WORST 2 1/2 months ever! Poor Ransom! Thankfully, the bar was the last 2 days of July so I have my husband back. He'll find out the results by the end of September and in the meantime we wait (and go on lots of trips!).

Next up, Ben updates...

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  1. Yay! So glad for a post and so glad you guys are up here! Dave was really happy to play basketball with Ransom the other day, he was saying the same thing, that the bar studying was crazy but glad its over now! Hopefully we can get together soon! I so can't wait to meet your sweet Ben!