Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Big Ben

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Ben was like 7 months at my last update. Oops! Here's a little catch-up...

From about 7 months on, ALL Ben wanted to do was walk. This was our fault... we should NEVER have taught him this was possible at such an early age. What started out as a fun treat became a demand. I was legitimately worried of becoming the next hunchback of Notre Dame. Luckily, at around 10 months, he has learned to cruise and crawl. This makes my life A LOT easier! When he does walk, he only wants one of my fingers which allows me to stand up straight again.

Ben spent a lot of time in our bathroom in Tucson. With the huge closet mirror doors, I could just sit him up with his toys in front of the mirror while I took a shower or got ready and he would happily stay put. Thank goodness his reflection is so captivating!

I was pretty nervous about the adjustment of moving to Washington. With the different climate, new house, additional people, etc, I thought Ben would go through an adjustment period. Nope. Happy as a clam from day one. But I am grateful to have had warm clothes on hand because that first morning was pretty crisp!

My mom got Ben a Johnny Jump Up so he could be happy without being walked around all day. He LOVED it for the first day. But then he would get too excited and keep banging his head on the doorframe. After a few good bangs he was done. I wonder what other people do to make these work safely? Suggestions?

As I mentioned before, one of the best perks to living with my parents is the proximity to the cemetery. For a while, Ben and I would take long morning walks down to visit Jonah, water his flowers, and set up a blanket to play near him. Ben loves stealing the pin wheels from his plot and eating them. I think it's as close to playing together as they can get right now and I love watching :)

We have also been visiting the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium quite a bit. My mom has an annual pass which makes it justifiable to go if only for a couple of hours between nap times.

Harold holding Harold

Pointing at the colorful fish

We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago visiting the Sequim Olympic Game Farm with my aunt and cousins. Basically you drive your car though dirt roads with a loaf of bread and roll down your windows to feed the bison, reindeer, llamas, etc. It is a riot! Unfortunately, Ben took our girlish screams to mean the animals were scary so he spent a lot of time trying to escape!

1st time sailing. HATED the life jacket!

 Ben has been subjected to many forms of water at this point. Baths, pools, boats and lakes. He tolerates these activities, but doesn't exactly love any of them. I can tell he feels very insecure because he holds on to me for dear life. But he is slowly becoming more comfortable.

I just loved watching him try to escape

Lake Tapps Beach has a great sand pit. He likes this much better than actually getting in the lake

Hayden Lake, ID. Again, loves getting out of the water :)

Ben's real love lately is with balls. Basketballs are his favorite followed closely by rubber balls. But honestly, if you stick him on a blanket with any ball or two, he'll be happy for a while. I love that he is grown up enough to have favorite toys and his own interests.

 Other random Ben details:

At his 9 month check up, he weighed 23lbs (but is now 24), still has a 99th % head circumference, and in the 80-something % for height (see what happens when you don't write these things down right away!)

He loves to eat (big surprise, right?) Bananas, applesauce, carrots, green beans, plain yogurt, toast, oatmeal, watermelon, and cheddar cheese are his favorites, but I can usually get him to eat just about anything if I stick it in his mouth. If I just place something he's not sure about on his tray, he'll swipe it to the side and eventually feed it to Penelope. Penelope knows where to sit during mealtime.

Ben is such a distraction at church! His favorite thing is to stand up with his hands on the pew behind him and yell at the top of his lungs to see who will pay attention to him. Then he'll give all of his viewers the biggest smile and yell some more. He's gotten a lot more wiggly so we've had to get pretty creative with keeping him in one place for an hour and 15 minutes but having my parents there helps a lot.

He is sleeping 11-12 hours at night and then takes 2 hour and half naps during the day.

He drinks 4 6oz bottles a day (we stopped breastfeeding by 8 months due to supply issues)

He does not like to be left alone (except for sleeping). When I set him down to play, he almost always checks for me every few seconds to make sure I haven't tried to sneak off (hence my lack of blogging the past 4 months!). Now that he is cruising furniture, to make sure I'm still near, he'll take one hand off the furniture and swipe the air behind him to make sure I am close by. If I'm not in arm's length, he's very offended!

He is loving opening and shutting cabinets. And of course, exploring the contents within them. This makes the kitchen a bit of hazard since I have not baby proofed. I keep putting it off since I am always pretty much within an arm's length anyway :)

I finally figured out how to get this boy to cuddle! Microfiber blankets have given me up to 20 seconds of cuddling if I hold Ben on my shoulder with the blanket behind him just before bed. I loooooove this!

All and all, this baby is such a fun, happy and healthy boy. I hate how fast he has grown, but I love watching all the new things he is mastering. He is such a joy!

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