Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Since August

I'm out of excuses.

Recap since August:

RANSOM: After studding like a maniac for 3 months, he passed the bar!! And because I am his wife and love him ever so dearly, I will go ahead and brag that he not only passed, but excelled at the bar- scoring high enough to practice in any of the 9 uniform bar states! I can't remember the last time I saw him as happy as he did the morning he got his score. Luckily for us, the results came in a couple weeks early so we weren't anxiously awaiting them, it was more of a fantastic surprise! Less than a month later, he was offered a position at an awesome financial advisement firm in Tucson. To be honest, it was hard to let go of the dream that he would get a job in the Seattle area, but once we prayed about it and knew it was a good thing for us, we have been so pleased with our choice! Ransom works early, like generally starts at 6am (which he loves!) and I love it too because he is generally home by 3! Win win. He used to suffer from headaches when he would work/be in school in the late afternoons/evenings but since starting this job, has had significantly fewer ones. In so many ways, this job has been an answer to prayers!

ME: It's always hard to describe what you do all day when you are a stay at home mom. I keep Ben alive? Surely I do more than that, right? No, I do do more than keep Ben alive. I have been online shopping like a madwoman trying to knock out Christmas gifts without ever leaving my home (did I mention Ransom drives our only car to work every day?) and I have to boast that as of last Saturday I am DONE (wrapping included)! Probably my personal best time since our marriage almost 5 years ago. Nap time is my saving grace and is the only reason my hair is ever straightened (or clean, for that matter). But I have been working a lot lately on learning how to get things done while Ben is awake. I made myself a little weekly chore chart and strive to do my chores every morning before his nap. It has made all the difference for me to have that extra time for myself rather than my house. And, it seems like it is helping Ben adjust to not getting to be held every time he wants.

Just last week I applied for a work from home coordinator position for a dog sitting company. I got the job and am slowly training for it. I am supposed to work as many as 30 hours a week which will leave little time for me and Ransom when he gets home but we figured out that in taking this job we can cut our time paying off student loans by more than HALF! And since being debt free is our #1 goal right now, we figure it is worth the sacrifice.

BEN: Chubby big Ben turned one since I last wrote! As in he is now officially a toddler! It kills me; cuts me right down to my core! He communicates now and follows you around waiting for his demand to be met :) He signs "more" "all-done" and "up please" and says "da da" "ma ma" "doggy" "a ball" "baby" and "uh oh". He successfully plays catch and peekaboo and will lift up his shirt any time you ask him where his belly button is. We laughed so hard when he started doing this that now he goes up to other kids or adults and lifts up their shirts to show off their belly buttons. Adults don't love this so much! Ransom also taught him to point to his nose when we ask where it is, but more often he points to his mouth. At least he understands it's on his face though, right? Ben's biggest vice right now is his shoving. He will go up to almost every kid he sees and shove them (usually in the face). Sometimes it is to get the toy they are playing with but sometimes there is literally no reason for it! I am totally at a loss with how to deal with it. I have tried saying "no no" and even doing time outs (sitting on my lap for a minute while I bear hug him so he can't play) but he keeps doing it. Ugh! I am totally nervous to have "that kid" in nursery come March! Any advice? Seriously, anything?

And since I never documented his birthday party, here are the pictures, compliments of Brie Lay Photography!
I think he liked his chocolate cupcake!

This was our gift to Ben. It was so fun to see him old enough to enjoy it on his own!
Don't be fooled by this picture, he had no idea how to open the wrapping paper

Our little family! I surprised Ransom by combining Ben's party with a surprise "Congrats on passing the bar" party for him and he was actually surprised!

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